Serviced Offices“High Quality” is synonymous with "Savings" and we are proof of that. Come and see how you can save money by solving your logistics problems. Compare the costs of conventional rent with those of an office with I.B.O. Roma and you will discover that many of the hidden costs with a conventional lease may be eliminated.

Why is it more cost/effective to use an I.B.O. office than to lease a conventional one?

It is more cost/effective to use an I.B.O. Roma office with respect to a conventional office lease because it is more practical, faster, furnished and provided with our qualified staff. You will also have state-of-the-art equipment and services ready to use.

Does an I.B.O. Roma office cost more than a conventional office?

At first sight, an office with us might appear to cost more than a conventional office, but several important things must be taken into consideration:

(1) If you lease a conventional office, is 100% of the space available for operational purposes or are there “dead” areas, such as toilets, corridors, reception areas, waiting rooms, and technical rooms?
(2) Does the rental of a conventional office include water, electricity and phone bills, condominium expenses, routine and extraordinary maintenance, heating, air conditioning and cleaning as well as the cost of a receptionist for 10 hours a day?
(3) When you enter a conventional office, do you find all the infrastructures necessary to operate?

Do I need to use the I.B.O. Office Centre?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of the following questions, you might consider using our office centre:
(1) Do you need to start working in your office within the next three months?
(2) Do you need a flexible agreement which enables your company to grow and adapt itself to market trends?
(3) Do you need to change location with very short notice?
(4) Are you planning an increase of 20% or more in your staff?
(5) Do you need to set up an office immediately with a specific number of employees and for a short period of time?
(6) Are you expanding towards a new market?
(7) Do you want someone else to manage the office and all the relative equipment, leaving you free to deal with the company business?

Cost comparison of a conventional office versus I.B.O. Roma Office

The following is a comparison of costs for locating, opening and managing an office of approx. 100 m2. located in a central area (completely restructured, air conditioned, with EC standard installations and in compliance with regulations for safety at the work place) and the use of an office with one or more work stations at our office centre. In addition to the conventional lease amount, costs for the time required for the finding, setting up and managing your office, administration costs for the accounting of all the expenses, recruitment costs, training and replacement of your secretary must all be added.

INITIAL INVESTMENT Conventional Office Rent
I.B.O. Roma
Serviced Office
Real Estate Expenses, Upgrading Installations, Adapting Fittings, Furnishing 15.750,00 € 0 €
IT Systems, Office Equipment, Software and Hardware, Switchboard 19,800,00 € 0 €
MONTHLY COSTS Conventional Office Rent I.B.O. Roma
Serviced Office
1) Lease and Condominium, Heating, Insurance, (Civil Liability, Fire and Theft), Municipality Taxes 2800,00 € 0 €
2) N°1 Multilingual Secretary for 8 working hours per day, including Social Security Costs (INPS) 2050,00 € 0 €
3) Technical and IT Services and Consultancy and Routine and Extraordinary Maintenance 520,00 € 0 €
4) Consumption Materials, Cleaning Services, Electricity for Lighting and Power for Computers and Air Conditioning, Telephone Costs and Miscellaneous 780,00 € 0 €
5) Financial Fees and Depreciation 310,00 € 0 €
499 €

(1) The amount does not include costs for telephone calls.
(2) Minimum amount: does not include telephone calls and secretarial services (to be calculated on the basis of actual use).
(3) Estimated amounts.

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